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Welcome to the Grays Harbor County Online Parcel Database. This is a project of the County Assessor and the County Treasurer's offices to bring a listing of real property assessment and tax information to the online audience.Hints For Successful Searches
The information contained in this system is public information.

Parcel Number

Enter the PARCEL NUMBER. This may be a partial value, starting with the initial left hand digits.    Example: 000100100001 for a specific parcel.
   Example: 7677 for all parcels beginning with '7677'

Parcel Situs Address

House Number
Street Direction
Street Name
Combine these three field to make your selection on the Situs Address.

Valid House numbers are between 000000 and 999999.
Allowed Street Direction values are N, E, S, and W.

Enter either a complete street name or a partial one. The more specific the name the more selective the search will be.

Enter LEGAL DESCRIPTION search words; a single space between words:

This will return a list of word matches on the Legal Description. An entry of "LOT 2" will return every record with "LOT 2" in the Legal Description, including "Lot 2", "Lot 22", etc. Due to the nature of the Legal Description values, exact searching is less effective.

Hints for Successful SearchesNot finding what you're looking for? How about some hints for successful searches.
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